a collection of architectural and landscape images of florida

Portrayed here is a range of images from landscape photography to architectural. I believe my classical approach to composition helps to convey the sense of place that is the emotion we feel when visiting a building, urban space or natural space. For large screen images follow the links to the galleries you wish to see and left-click the thumbnails.

4th-of-july.JPGuniversity-of-tampa.JPGdriftwood.jpgyoga-on-the-beach.jpgsea-of-grass.jpgc39-sunset-over-the-gulf.jpgthe honeymoon.jpgthe-soggy-fisherman.jpgmoonscapes.jpgcalm.jpgstormanvil_0y_0Free_Library.JPGsacred heart.JPGprint_theatre_ water color.JPG
The key to viewing online photography is monitor calibration, so if you are able to adjust your screen’s brightness and contrast you can use this zone system scale. The goal is to adjust the two brightest whites and two deepest blacks just enough to differentiate between them.