beachfront property

the honeymoon.jpgsunrise on the sound.jpgthe-wash.jpgdriftwood.jpgrivers-thru-time.jpgthe-soggy-fisherman.jpgmoonscapes.jpgnessie.jpgwings.jpgthe-calm.jpgstorm.jpganvil.jpgV.jpgY.jpgtwo-towers.jpgkodachrome.jpglight-as-a-feather.jpgmangrove.jpgsand.jpgfirst-light.jpgspoonbills.jpgthe-eagle.jpgoats.jpg
a collection of landscape photography of florida

These images are all taken from beach and waterfront settings around the west coast of Florida. It’s not unusual that most have been photographed on not so “chamber of commerce days”. The intent is to capture Florida’s unique weather and scenery and convey the beauty that storms and clouds offer as they pass through the area. I am always on the lookout for how they effect the light on the water, land and formations.